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The temperature in the stratosphere _______ with altitude

. Stable
. Increases
. Decreases
. Stable then increases
Flying beneath As ahead of the warm front the
precipitation and flight conditions are most likely to be

. Smooth flight conditions, light continuous precipitation
. Smooth flight conditions with occasional turbulence
. Rough ride with interminient turbulence
. Cat all the way
What surface conditions would you expect as you cross a
cold occluded front ?

. Wind veers pressure drops temp rises cb ts
. Wind veer, pressure rise, Cb, TS, hail, dew point drop
. Wind backs pressure drops as ts dew point rise
. Wind calm temperature low
Landing ahead of a cold front, what is the greatest hazard
To the flight?

. Go around
. Tail strike
. Wind shear
. Fog
What time of the year does the Khamsin wind effect Egypt?

. Auttum and spring
. winter and spring
. Summer and winter
. Summer only
Large abrupt changes in altitude or attitude associated
with large variations in IAS. Occupants are thrown
violently against seat belts. This is defined as:

. Moderate
. Severe
. Light chops
. Heavy chops
The densest cloud in a TRS extends from below 1000'
Usuallly to

. 45000
. 35000
. 30000
. 27000
The maximum range from a ridge that mountain waves
Can be encountered is

. 25
. 30 nm
. More than 50nm
. Less than 70 more than 50nm
The mean position of the North Atlantic Polar Front in
Winter is from:

. California to japan
. Florida to portugal
. Georgia to Ireland
. Florida to south of england
What is the mean position of the Polar Jet in July?

. 60 degrees north
. 35 degrees west
. 70 degrees west
. 20 degrees south
During the SW monsoon, what is the surface wind on the
West Indian coastline and at what time of the year would
This occur?

. Nw in october
. Se in june
. Sw in july
. Nw in december
TRS are more common on the western sides of oceans
than on the eastern side of oceans because...

. The eastward has minimum humidity
. The eastward has maximum humidity
. The northern has least humidity
. the westward travel of air at the equator means it has max humidity
On the eastern side of oceans you will find the ______
water and the coastline _______ susceptible to advection

. Hottest, will not be
. Same temperature, will be
. Coldest, will be
How is advection fog formed?

. Ground temperature effect
. Cold moist air moving over hot surface
. warm, moist air moving over even hotter surface
. warm, moist air moving over a cool surface
Radiation fog is formed as a result of

. long wave re-radiation
. long wave radiation
. Short wave radiation
. Short wave re-radiation
What factors affect the magnitude of cyclostrophic force?
1 wind speed
2 latitude
3 density

. 2
. 1 and 2
. 3
. 1 and 3
The most appropriate temperature for icing to form in a
Thunderstorm is:

. 0 to -23
. 0 to - 65
. 10 to -40
. 0 to -45
An a/c on descent below cloud with an OAT of +3C is
most likely to experience what type of icing?

. Wing ice
. Carburettor icing
. Fan icing
. Fuselage icing
In similar icing conditions, which aircraft has the worst ice-
Induced wing stalls?

. Swepted back wings turbojet aircraft
. Low wing turboprop aircraft
. High wing turbo-prop aircraft
. High wing with tailback powerplant
From day to night, the surface wind at a northern
Hemisphere is likely to be

. Veers and increase
. Veers and decrease
. Backs and decreases
. Backs and increase
The rotor clouds and associated turbulence of greatest
intensity are usually found
above/below crests... above/level/below ridge line?

. Below the trough of wqves over the ridge line
. below the crests, level with the ridge line
. below the crests, level above the ridge line
. Abive the crest if waves below the ridge line
Assuming wind strength remains constant, what would
happen to turbulence cloud if the turbulence cloud lowers,
the RH ____ as a result of the _______ temperature.

. Lower increases decreases
. Lower increases increasing
. Rises decrease decreasing
. Rises decreasing increasing
The temperature at the top of the stratosphere is

. 0
. -110
. -273
. -50
The change in pressure for a given height ________ as
temperature increases and _________ with altitude

. Increases increases
. Increases decreases
. Decreases decreases
. Decreases increases
On an isallobaric chart, at which time interval are pressure
Reading taken and compared

. 3 hrs
. 6 hrs
. 9 hrs
. 12 hrs
Which of the following represents a permanent high
Pressure region

. NE Canada in July
. NE Africa Jan
. Northern india in july
. Central china in january
If rain is falling at a temperature below 0C, what kind of
Icing is probable?

. Moderate Opaque Rime
. Moderate Clear
. Secere opaque rime
. Severe clear
Where is an upper easterly wind aloft in January?

. Timor sea
. Northern india
. Central australia
. Sahara desert
The Sub-Tropical Jet reaches a maximum speed at what
Level(pressure and altitude)

. 200 mb/38000
. 145 mb 39000
. 345 mb 39000
. 200 mb/30000
Which of the following indicates instability in the lower

. ST with drizzle below
. Clear skies but with turbulent flying conditions
. Clear skies but with poor visibility
What force acts towards the centre of a pressure system?

. Geoclostrophic
. Cyclostrophic
. Pressure gradient
. Coriolis
When does Central Europe experience its highest surface

. Juky
. Late july and early august
. Summer soltisce
. Summer equinox


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