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Vol 8.2

Vol8.2 cad

At an inland station, located in the northern hemisphere,
with a wind at midnight of 180/10, the most likely at

. 150/10
. 150/05
. 210/20
. 240/20
Where and when is radiation fog most likely to occur in
In the uk

. Valley / Anticyclone / Winter
. Valley / Anticyclone / Summer
. Mountain Slopes / Cyclone / Winter
. Coastal areas / Anticyclone / Winter
When flying in rain with OAT of less than 0C, what icing is
Most likely

. Severe clear
. Rime
. Frost ice
. Fuselage icing
Considering the SW monsoons in July, which of the
following cities are likely to be affected?
- Bombay - Calcutta - Karachi - All three

. Bombay
. Calcutta
. Karachi
. All 3
What feature effects western Europe in summer?

. Azores island
. Azores high
. Tropical depression
. Rainforest
The Sumatras cause what type of weather conditions in

. Ts in july at afternoon
. Snow by feb
. Rain in august afternoon
. TS & Squalls, early morning, from June to Sept
Given a warm sector depression where are the positions
of the jet streams relative to the surface position of the
Cold and warm fronts

. 400/500 miles AHEAD of warm 200miles BEHIND of cold
. 500/500 miles ahead of warm 200 miles behind
. 1500/159 behind behind
. 1345 south of front
In what months do the Simoons occur?

. Autum and summer
. Spring and summer
. Summer and winter
. Summer
When a cold moist airflow is warmed from below, what
Weather is likely to occur?

. As and ws
. As nc
. Cu cb
. Ws sn
Cirrus cloud is almost entirely composed of?

. Water vapor
. Water condensated in form of crystals
. Ice crystals
. Smog
With the Sirocco blowing, what conditions are likely to
Occur in italy

. Low ST and SC, drizzle.
. High ST and SC, drizzle
. Sc and drizzle
. Winter
Why do cold fronts travel much faster than warm fronts?

. the warm air ahead of a cold front is less dense than the
. The earm front is higher
. Water is vapor


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