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the following readings were obtained surging the swing of. a direct reading of magnetic compass

. -3 -1 +3
. -3 +1 -3
. +3-1+3
. +3-2-3
An aircraft id descending at a constant mach number. If the aircraft is descending through an inversion layer, the Ras will

. remain constant
. increase
. decrease
. decrease then decrease more slowly
Equivalent airspeed EAS is

. IAS corrected for compressibility
. IAS corrected for instrument error only
. RAS corrected for compressibility
. RAS corrected for position error
the FL being flown and the actual ground clearance are

. 215-3879 ft
. 195-2930 ft
. 195 3440 ft
. 215 2930 ft
The computer of a north referenced INS in flight provides compensation for .

. aircraft maneuvers, real wander, apparent wander, transport wander
. Coriolis, real wander, apparent wander, transport wander
. earth rotation, transport wander, Coriolis
. transport wander, apparent wander, Coriolis, magnetic variation
when DSRTK/STS is selected on the CDU, the left window will show:

. 74
. 86
. 68
. 80
When the XTK/TKE is selected on th eCDU, the display will show ( to the nearest whole number)

. 5L----080
. 5R----6R
. 5L----6L
. 6R----5L
The DI is set to read 1000 in an aircraft stationary on the ground in latitude 45 N the reading after 45 minutes will be

. 092.33
. 102.50
. 097.78
. 103.75
the Di is set to read 270 in an aircraft tracking along the 60N parallel at groundspeed 545 kt. the Di reading after 80 minutes is

. 254.66
. 283.66
. 286.80
. 257.33
In the diagram above of a gyromagnetic compass system, the components A, C and E in order are

. flux valve rotors enunciator
. signal selsyn stators gyroscope unit
. flux valve stators gyroscope unit
. indicator flux valve amplifier
Dynamic pressure is

. static pressure minus pito pressure
. pitot pressure plus static pressure
. density and static pressure
. pitot pressure minus static pressure
when accelerating on a an easterly heading in the NH the magnet system of a direct reading magnetic compass will

. turn clockwise indicating an aparent turn towards the north
. turn anti clockwise indicating an apparent turn towards the north
. turn clockwise indicating an apparent turn towards the south
. turn anti clockwise indicating an apparent turn towards the south
the product of the second integration of the E/W accelerometer output in an INS system is

. longitude
. departure
. E/W acceleration
. E/W groundspeed
Density varies

. Directly with pressure inversely with temperature
. Directly with temperature and pressure
. inversely with temperature and pressure
. inversely with pressure and directly with temperature
An aircraft flying at a TAS of 1100 kT and FL650, A change of 0.1 mach causes a change in TAS of 57kt, Th temperature deviation at FL650 assuming an ISA atmosphere is

. -6
. +6
. -3
. +3
The deviating effect of a vertical soft iron (VSI) ---------with decrease of magnetic latitude due to ------of H and the -----of Z The line containing the words to correctly complete the above statement is

. increase, decrease, increase
. decrease, increase, decrease
. decrease increase increase
. increase decrease decrease
If during a climb the static source becomes blocked the vertical speed indicator VSI will show

. a decreased rate of climb
. a zero rate of climb
. an increased rate of climb
. a normal rate of climb
Angle of attack may be sensed by means of -------mounted-------

. a stick pushed, adjacent to the flying controls
. an indexer in the flight director
. a conical slotted probe on the wing leading edge
. a hid vane sensor on the wing leading edge
the speed at the upper end of the green arc on the ASI is ?

The rate gyro indicates the correct rate of turn when the ------precession due to the spring is -----to the ----rate of turn

the line containing the words to correctly complete the above statements

. secondary. equal. aircraft
. torqued. opposite. primary
. primary. balanced by equal aircraft
. secondary. opposite. aircraft
the servo altimeter is superior to the sensitive altimeter because

. it reduces barometric error
. it reduces high altitude error
. it reduces temperature error
. all of the above
An aircraft is flying at FL290, TAS 5000 KT mach number .86 the temperature deviation from ISA is

. -7
. +7
. -15
. +25
The advantages of the electrical AH over the air driven one are.

. ramdom wander reduced- greater rigidity
. acceleration errors reduced-less rigidity
. greater rigidity- accelerations errors reduced - turning errors reduced
. fast erection button fitted quicker precession allowing faster indication cut-out switches reduce turning errors
The rotor of a rate gyroscope is overspending, the pilot carries out a turn with the rate gyroscope indicating rate 1. The actual rate of turn will be

. 3 per second
. more than 3 per second
. less than 3 per second
. 6 per second
With reference to the altimeter pressure fluctuations at the static vent cause

. Barometric error
. temperature error
. position error
. hysteresis error


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