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The latitude nut of a a di is on the -------- gimba and causes thr gyroscope to process around its ---- axis. The correct words are

. Inner,vertical
. Outer vertical
. Inner horizontal
. Outer horizontal
If the rpm of the rotor in a turn and slip indicator is higher than normal the turn indicator will

. Overread the correct rate of turn
. Underread the correct rate of turn
. Not indicate due to increased rigidity
. Indicate correctly
A space gyro has------gimbal(s) and is -----so as to maintain aligment with----------

. One m gravity, a horizontal earth reference
. Two, case levelled,the horizontal
. One, uncontrolled, a fixed space reference
. Two, uncontrolled, a fixed space reference
The radial error rate for an INS which registers a position of N36 49 E45 10 on shutdown at a ramp position of N36.55 E45 20 after eight hours in the NAV mode is

. 1:45 nm/hr
. 1.25nm/hr
. 1.15nm/hr
. 1.00nm/hr
The rigidity (gyroscopic inertia of a gyroscope may be increased by

. Increasing the number of gimbals and decreasing the number of planes
. Increasing the eed of rotation and decreasing the mass of the rotor
. Increasing the speed of rotationand increasing the mass of the rotor
. Decresing the speed of rotation and increasing the mass of the rotor
The value of coefficient A

. +1
. -1
. -3
. +4
The value of coeficient B

. -4
. +4
. +3
. O
after correction on a magnetic heading of 178 the compass reading was

. 176
. 177
. 179
. 181
In a turn and slip indicator the largest errors will be induced by

. Yaw
. Angle of. Bank
. Primary torque
. Reduced speing tension
If the pitot line becomes blocked during a climb, the machmeter will

. Be unaffected
. Underread
. Overread
. Unerread by an increasingly errouneous amount
The local speed of sound is

. 560
. 685
. 620
. 580
If the tempesture devistion from ISA is +5 C the approximate flight level is

. FL200
. FL150
. FL220
. FL250
The total air temperature is

. The temperature of air which has suffered the full effect of compression heating
. The ambient air temperaure
. Static air temperature minus ram air temperature
. True outside air temperature allowong for cooling
An aircraft is flying at FL70 over an area where QNH is1021 mb. The minimum safe altitude rules require ths tthis aircraft clears any high ground by 10% of the high ground plus 1500ft. Assuming 1mb is 30ft, the highest ground over which this aircraft coul

. 5218ft
. 5166
. 4782
. 4734
An electrically driven ah considerably reduces the acceleration errors of the air driven variety by

. Beig less pendulous and more rigid
. Being more rigid and incorporating erection system cut out switches
. Using mercury switches and torque motors
. Increased gyro rpm and giving it the opposite rotation direction
a blockage in the ststic lone to the VSI will cause the instrument to display

. A decresed rate of climb
. Ab increased rate of climb
. A zero rate of climb
. An increased rate of descent
Machmeter readings are subjetc to

. Temperature errors and pressure error
. Density error and instrument error
. Temperature error and desntiy error
. Inatrument eror and position error
In an ins which is schuler tuned, the largest unbounded errros are

. Due to the output of the first stage integrators
. Due to the real wander of the platform gyroscopes
. Due to accelerometer errors
. Track errrors due to initial misaligment
The temperatur error in the altimeter is due to

. The difference between the actual mean temperature below the aircraft and the mean tempersture thst woulld be found in ISA
. The diffeence between actual pressure setting and 1013.2 mb
. Inaccurate calibration of the temperature compensating device
. The ambient temperature at which the aircraft is flying
An aircraft fitted with direct rrading compass is turning from 315 through north on te 045 in the southern heisphere. The direction of the turn of the magnet system and the effect of liquid swirl on the error due to the turn are

. anti clockwise,reduce
. Clockwise,reduce
. Anticlockwise, increase
. Clockwise,increase
In a directional indicator the random wander is -4/hr the latitude nut adjusted for latitude 50s and the aircraft is flying west along the parallel of 30 N at a groundspeed of 240 kt. The total hourly rate of change of indication of the DI is

. 14.0/hr reading decresing
. 20.7/hr resdings decreasing
. 25.3/hr readings decreasing
. 2.3/hr readings increasing
The inertial platform in a north refereced inertial navigation ayatem is torqued to perform like a schuler pendulum, so tha when the platform moves oer the earth

. Gyro drift errors are cancelled out
. The platform aill always oscillate with respect to the true north
. The platform remains level and aligned regardless of any aircraft accelerations
. Answers b and c are correct
The initial track at waypoint 3 is

. 086 T
. 082 T
. 274 T
. 278
With contant drift during flight the aircrwfts heading will

. Increased by nore than 10
. Decrease by less than 10
. Increase by less than 10
. Remain constant
In the diagram of an electrical A/H gimbal system, shown below, the roll torque motor is in position

. A
. B
. C
. D
An aircraft is carrying out a rate one turn at a TAS of 480 kt. The diameter of the turn will be

. 2.5 nm
. 15 nm
. 5 nm
. 10 nm


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