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Atpl ins 5.1

The correct descriptions of components labelled B,E and F in order are

. Pitot pressure entry,airspeed capsule ratio arm
. Ststic pressure entru altimeter capsule ranging arm
. Dynamic pressure entry airspeed cpasule ratio arm
. Pito pressure entry altimeter cpasule ranging arm
In an inertia lead vai the source of the nost pronounced error is

. Instrument
. Position
. Steep turn
. Missed approach maneuvre
If an aircraft descends form. fL310 at a constant RAS, the mach will

. Increase because the density errors is increasing
. Decrrase because sttic pressure is decreasing
. Decrease because density is increasing
. Decrease because static pressure is increasing
In an inertial reference system the gyros and accelerometers are

. Non strapdown-nonstrapdown
. Strapdown-strapdown
. Strapdown-non strapdown
. Non strapdown-strapdown
Equivalent air speed (EAS)

. IAS corrected for compressibility
. RAS corrected for compressibility
. TAS corrected for compressibility
. TAS obtained from indicated mach no, corrected for pressure and instrumenr error
An aircraftdarts airfield A which is 1200ft AMSL, with QFE 980 set on the altimeter . The altimeter is not subsequently reset. When landing at airfield B, which is 2500 ft AMSL where the QNH is 1005, the altimeter will read (assume 1mb=30ft)

. 1950 ft
. 3250ft
. 550 ft
. 1750 ft
In a direct reading compass the maximum errors will ocur when the turning through

. n/S high latitudes
. N/s low latitudes
. E/w low latitudes
. E/w high latitudes
With reference to the fluxvalve of a gyromagnetic compass

. The fluxvalve is pendulosly mounted and is free to turn so that if remains aligned with he esrth magnetic field
. The fkuxvalve is fixed to the aicraft and so turns with the aircrafr to measure the angle between the aircrafr and the earths magnetic field
. The fluxvalve is not ubketc to acceleration errors
. The fluxvalve is pendulously mounted and so is not affected by he vertical component of the esrths magnetic field
The purpose of the annuciator circuit in a remote indicaitng compass is

. To align the gyro unit with aircraft heading suing the output from the rotor of the signal selsyn
. To monitor the signals sent to the precession coil to e sure the gyro s turned the correct way to bring the rotro coil in line with the earths magneticfield.
. To indicate the correct way to tur the syncronising knob to initially aynchronise the compass system and then to indicate correct operation of tthe system
. To monitor the signals sent to the precession coil to e sure the gyro is turned the correct way to make its axis line uo with the electrical field in the signal selsyn


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