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Total air temperature is

. The maximum temperature attainable by the air when brought to rest adiabatically
. The temperature indicated on the air temperature thermometer plus the ram rise
. The static air temperature minus the recovery factor
. The recovery factor plus the ram rise
The difference between static air temperature and total air temperature is known as

. Corrected outside air temperature
. The ram rise
. The recovery factor
. Hot ramp radiation
An air data computr has input of

. Dynamic pressure, static pressure and air temperature
. Pitot pressure static pressure and static air temperature
. Static pressure pitot pressure and total air temperature
. Dynamic pressure static pressure and ram air temperature
The above symbols A,C and E are best described respectively as

. Off route waypoint, airport, navigation aid
. Next waypoint, navigation aid, airport
. Off route waypoint, navigation aid,ca navigation point making up selected route
. Active waypoint aircraft currently navigation to, navigation aid,coff route waypoint
When using EHSI, weather radar may be displayed on following settings

. MAP, centre mao, plan, nav,VOR/ILS
. VOR/ILS map nav plan
. Nav map VOR/ILS,plan
. Expanded nav, map,expanded VOR/ILS
on the EHSI the following displays are available

. ETA To waypoint and distance to next waypoint
. Airspedd and altitude
. Waypoint and real drift
. Pitch and roll attitude
An IRS with laser gyros should -----------be schuler tuned, and ------- be strapped down.

. Always,always
. Always, never
. Never,always
. Never,never
Ring laser gyros utilise a "Dither" motor to

. Prevent "lock in" of the laser beams
. To reduce real wander
. To prevent bounded errors
. To level and align the gyros
An INS in the align mode will

. Not accept an error of 10 latitude qnd 10 longitude of the inseerted initial position
. Accepet error of 10 latitude and 10 longitude of the inserted initial position
. Accept an error of 10 latitude but not an error of 10 longitude of the inserted initial position
. Will accept an error of 10 longitude but not 10 error of latitude in the initial inserted position
During initialisarion of an INS ghe aircraft must not be moved until

. The ramp position has been inserted and checked
. The platform is levelled
. The gyros and the accelerometers are all ij the null position
. Te green" ready nav" light is iilluminated and the mode selector switch has been set to the "nav"position
Select the correct statement

. EAS=RAS corrected for compressibility errors
. EAS=IAS corrected for position error
. RAS=TAS corrected for densitiy error
. TAS=EAS corrected for compressibility errors
An altimeter is accurate to + or - one milibar so at 20000 feet and 40000 feet it is accurate to

. + or - 30 ft. + or - 50 feet
. +or-50 feet. +or -100 feet
. + or-100 feet. +or- 30 feet
. +or - 40 feet. +or-75 feet
An aircraft flies an altitude of 3500 ft from A elevation 700 ft QNH 1015 mb to B elevation 1120 feet QNH 992 mb . Assuming the altimeter sub-scale is not changed , the aircraft will arrive over B at a height

. 3500 ft
. 2810 ft
. 1690 ft
. 2670 ft
The IVSI reduces (i)............error by use of(ii)...........

. Time lag. Dashpots
. Instrument. Jewelled bearings
. Density Dashpots
. Ckmpressibility. Restricted choke
An aircraft turns left from 045 c to 315 c in the southern hemisphere the magnets turn (i) and liquid swirls (ii) causing the error

. Clockwise. Clockwise
. Clockwise,anticlockwise
. Anticlockwise.clcokwise
. Anticlockwise. Anticlockwise
During a descent at a constant mach no. Below the tropopause in thr ISA

. TAS decreases LSS decreases
. RAS increases,TAS increases
. LSS increases, RAS decreases
. RAS increases,TAS decreases
The rotational speed of the gyroscope in a turn indicator falls below the correct operational speed. a 90 turn at an indicated rate one on this turn indicator will take

. 30 seconds
. Less than 30 seconds
. More than 30 seconds
. 30 seconds + or - 10 seconds either way
In gyroscopic theory the term "Topple" is dedined as

. Wander,real or apparent, in the vertical plane
. Wander, real or apparent, in the vertical plane
. Real wander, only,in the horizontal plane
. Real wander,only,in the vertical plane
An artificial horizon with an air driven gyroscope( spinning,anti-clockwise seen from above), is subjected to accelerations during a take-off run. As a result the instrument indication will falsely show:

. The right wing going up and the nose going down
. The right wing going up and the nose going up
. The right wing going down and the.nose going up
. The right wing going down and the nose going down
The following reqdings were obtained during the swing of a direct reading compass

. +2. O. +2
. -2. +2. -2
. -3. O. -2
. +2. +2. +2
A perfectly frictionless directional gyrro indicator(DGI) is set to give zero drift when stationary on the ground in latitude 42N. The gyro is set to read 356 in an aircraft which is stationary on the ground in latitude 59 N. The reading after 1 hr 45 min

. 357.45
. 354.55
. 358.50
. 353.50
A flight is planned along a track of 235 (M) which passes over a mountain having an elevation of 3999 meters. The regional QNH is 998 mb. Assume 1 mb equals 30 ft. The lowest usable flight levrl according to the quadrant rule system which will provide a m

. FL140
. FL155
. FL170
. FL160
An increase of 0.15 in mach number results in an increase of 93 kt in TAS if the temperature deviation from ISA is +9c the FL is

. FL 200
. FL 220
. FL 250
. FL 90
After 8.5 horus flight an aircraft is parked on ramp position N 47 59.4 E011 20.0. If the INS position readout was N48 08 E011 40.5 the hourly radisl error rate was

. 2.6 nm/hr
. 1.9nm/hr
. 2.07nm/hr
. 3.25nm/hr
If a simple fluxvalve lies ------the earthe field the current indiced in the pick-off coil will be ---- and thr frequency will be ----- the input frewuency.

. In line with. Minimum. Twice
. At 90 to. Minimum. Half
. At 90 to. Maximum. Half
. In line with, maximum. Twice
On the diagram of a detector unit and selsyn below the arrowed items are identified as

. w=AC escitation Z=flux valve pick off coil and Y stator coil
. W=AC excitation X=flux valve pick off coil and Z=stator coil
. X=flux valve pick off coil, Z=rotor pick off coil and Y =stator coil
. W=AC excitation X=stator coil and X=rotor pick off coil
The purpose of the annuciator unit of the remote indicating compass ia to

. Show whether the compass is operating either in the GYRO and COMPASS
. Display the serviceability of the compass
. Indicate thst the gyro ia aynchronised with detector unit
. Advise if the gyro is subject to excessive wander
The aerodymanics angle of incidence (aoa) is

. The angle between the longitudinal axis and the relative air flow
. The angle between the chord line of the wing and the lateral axis
. Thr angke between the chird line of the wing of an aircraft and the. Direction of the relative air flow
. The angle between the wing and the chord line
If an alert message is generated by the flight amanagement system

. It appears in the middle of the CRT screen and a red light flashes
. It appears at the top of the CRT and an amber light flahses
. It appears in the scratch pad and the MsG annuciator iluminates
. It appears in the scratch pad abd an amber light flashes


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